Sam started his career in marketing with a brief stint for a brand marketing agency in London, before shifting focus onto SEO. Sam worked his way up through the ranks from an SEO consultant at a small specialist firm before joining a global media agency where he eventually headed up the SEO offering – helping to grow a team of two SEO specialists to a highly profitable team of 14 with skills spanning SEO, CRO, analytics, PR, design and development. He went on to take a broader role on the senior leadership team before shifting his focus to leading growth for a growing specialist CRO agency.

With client-facing agency experience managing projects ranging from local businesses and charities to some of the world’s best loved brands, Sam has developed the sort of experience necessary to lead owned and earned media plays whilst ensuring that they dovetail nicely with paid media.

Sam is currently a full-time digital marketer (agency-side), part-time blogger, occasional runner and an impassioned  follower of and contributor to  the online marketing marketing space. The aim is to provide expert advice and guidance to clients and other professional online marketers and hopefully stir up some critical thinking and discussion.