Remembering Jaamit with the #Jaamit Hashtag

I am going to keep this short for today because ultimately it is me asking the SEO community for a small favour. I realise it might be a bit of a long shot but having spoken with a few others in the community and given that today is the funeral service for a wonderful man within the SEO community – it would be incredible if we could get #jaamit trending on Twitter today.

Get Jaamit Trending

My initial thought was that it would make sense to get people to share all of their thoughts, prayers and memories today using the #jaamit hashtag… however whilst it would still be amazing if people could share those thoughts and memories all day I think it would be good to make a focussed push between 4-6pm GMT today (that’s 11am-1pm in EST and 8-10am in PST).

Worst case scenario this will be a great push of wonderful and supportive messages for Jaamit’s family and friends to enjoy, and best case scenario the Twitter community in which Jaamit was so active will know that Twitter has lost one hell of a man.

I will be sending out emails to all of my contacts and would love if you could do the same and spread the word through Twitter.

If you have any questions about this feel free to ping me on Twitter.

For those who did not know Jaamit, I would strongly suggest having a read through a few articles about him and by Jaamit to help understand how much he meant to the SEO community.

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